TS Eliot Prize Reading: Draycott, Duhig, Hadfield & Khan

A great review from the Oldham leg of the Eliot Prize Tour – thanks Andrew!

Andrew Oldham's Boneyard

Oldham Library 19th September, 2013: TS Eliot Prize

The evening weather was not an awe-inspiring start to a poetry event but thankfully the performance space at Oldham Library made up for the poor weather. There is a feel of the old library lecture theatre about this venue; a hidden jewel in Oldham. This is certainly something Oldham should be yelling about, this is not just a library but a brave building, designed well to accommodate changing audiences in a new world of poetry, fiction, multimedia and performance. Chris Holifield hosted the evening to a packed theatre. As the Director of the Poetry Book Society she spoke to a mixed audience of various ages, from teenagers to the retired about that the past, present and future of the PBS. It was good to see such a mixed audience at a poetry event. A common complaint in poetry is that audiences age…

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